Peru in Russia: FOX Simulates the Draw For the Group Stage (VIDEO)


“FOX Sports Radio” simulated the draw for the World Cup.

Having achieved the goal of finally qualifying for the World Cup after 36 ever-lasting years, Peruvians are counting down the days to the 2018 World Cup.

Now that we are only 10 days away from the draw that will unveil the group Peru will belong to people are speculating in anticipation. The official draw is scheduled for December 1.

In a simulation done by FOX Sports Radio, following the official FIFA guidelines; Peru was located in group H. The Peruvian team was in the same group with the last World Cup’s champion: Germany. The other two members were Saud Arabia and Iceland.

in the following video you can see the rest of the draw:

It is worth mentioning that Peru has an invitation for a practice match with Germany before the end of the year. Another country that also sent its invitations wanting to face the Peruvian team in a match before the World Cup was the United States.

How do you think Peru would do in a group like the one shown in the video?

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