Peru Is The Second Country in Latin America With Highest Delinquency Figures


Most of the crimes are not violent in Peru.

“Peruvians are now victims of crime even in places where they previously felt protected so that the perception of citizen insecurity increases every day.”, informed La República today, explaining that the only country that beats these numbers is Venezuela.

During the first trimester of 2018, for instance, the passengers of a Metropolitan bus, the users of a Metro station in Lima and the clients of an agency of Banco de Crédito del Peru, of Lince, experienced crime when these facilities were taken by armed assailants.

La República cites a study called Barómetro de las Américas 2017 that researchers the situation that exists in the streets of Peru.

In the Inca country’s case, the crimes that have increased are theft of cell phones and wallets, without aggression, followed by theft with weapons.

According to the Barómetro de las Américas, “Peru ranks second in the ranking of the countries with the highest rate of crime victims, surpassing only Venezuela where today there is a serious social crisis.”, said La República.

This position that places Peru in second place regarding crime victimization in Latin America does not, however, have a direct relationship with the seriousness of the facts, wrote La República. “In Peru, according to the investigation, the crimes are not so violent, since most of the respondents reported having been victims of criminal acts where there was no aggression.”, they continue.

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