Peru sends ambassador back to Israel


In an effort to prove the country´s condemning Israel´s operation in Gaza, Peru had withdrawn its ambassador stationed in Tel Aviv. This was part of a joint protest against unnecessary violence in the Middle East in which other South American countries, including Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil, participated.

However, Jose Luis Salinas, the Peruvian Ambassador in Israel, has since returned. Chile has similarly decided to return their ambassador.

Peru took the decision to bring home Salinas on July 29th, as Foreign Minister Gonzalo Gutiérrez explained that the country would not tolerate the violence of Palestinian radicals against Israeli civilians.

Israel´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had expressed their disappointment towards the decision of the select South American countries to withdraw their representatives. Perhaps trying to cause a feeling of guilt, the nation called Peru a friendly country, with whom we have shared more than a half century of good relations,” thus leading to their shock at such a decision and mark of protest.

Yigal Palmor, the Foreign Ministry representative, went as far to accuse those countries who withdrew their diplomats of encouraging Hamas, a group recognized as a terror organization by many countries around the world.”

At the moment, attempts to disarm militants and radicals alike in the Gaza strip are supposedly taking place, however it does not necessarily guarantee peace.Ambassador Jose Luis Salinas returns after taking part in protest.