Peru: Spying agency temporarily closes following the Dialogue


Today at the Dialogue of the Peruvian government, Prime Minister Ana Jara announced the temporary closure of the National Directorate of Intelligence (DINI).

This morning President Ollanta Humala and the Prime Minister presided over the conversation between the political authorities and government officials to discuss transparency and improved communication.

After evidence surfaced of espionage carried out by Ollanta Humala against critical political figures, investigations into DINI opened. Police officials released notes for spying on Vice President Marisol Espinoza and Jorge del Castillo claimed he had been spied on for months by intelligence agents.

President Humala denied the accusations and has called for democratic investigations into the case of espionage and as well into the cases investigating his wife for money laundering

The Prime Minister announced that a motion for the temporary closure will be sent to Congress this week that will organize the reorganization of the intelligence agency. The closure could potentially last up to 6 months while defense and foreign affairs will continue business as usual.

The Dialogue is motivated to eliminate a virtual political use of the DINI, corruption, terrorism, and drug trafficking. After evidence surfaced against President Humala being guilty of espionage, the intelligence agency has been closed temporarily.