Does Peru Support Death Penalty for Rapists of Children?


Constitutionalists Víctor García Toma and Aníbal Quiroga agree that a constitutional reform and exit from the Pact of San José would be necessary.

Ten years ago, the conditions regarding death penalty for rapists of children in Peru were totally different, with the high authorities against the decision, you can read more about that in this note. However, times have changed, and so have the high authorities in power.

Enrique Mendoza, head of the Justice and Human Rights Ministry has stated his acceptance of a death penalty for children rapists.

On the other hand, president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said this morning that the Political Constitution of Peru does not allow the death penalty to be applied to those sentenced for sexually assaulting minors. In a dialogue with the press, he said that those who commit such crime should be punished severely and those who are diagnosed as mentally ill should be admitted to a psychiatric hospital but not condemned to death.

Faced with this scenario, is it possible that a bill could implement the death penalty for rapists of minors? The constitutionalist Víctor García Toma explained that “to be able to apply the death sentence, a reform of the Constitution is required and necessary”, through an approval of the full Congress in two legislatures the bill could move forward.

This topic has been very controversial lately, a campaign stating “Peru is not a rapists country” has gained massive popularity once again. You can check an article related to this campaign that has been around for some years, here.

Are you ok with children rapists being sentenced to death? Or are we punishing the symptoms of the problem and not dealing with its cause?


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