Peru takes center stage at 2015 International Chef’s Congress


Last week, StarChefs celebrated its 10th anniversary of the International Chefs Congress by bringing “la crème de la crème” of the global food world to the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York. Top of the line products were displayed, incredibly delicious food was served and renowned chefs brought their best skills to showcase in workshops and competitions.

PromPeru, the Peruvian Export and Tourism Promotion Board, stood tall and strong with their shiny white and red booth serving traditional dishes with an international twist prepared by local Peruvian restaurants, such as fresh ceviche made of shrimp and artichoke, luscious _aji de gallina_ accompanied with truffle oil and _solterito de choclo_ mixed with a quinoa tabouleh.

p=. Peruvian restaurants rule at Latin America’s 50 Best

Chef Felipe Torres of Raymi Peruvian Kitchen even took it up a notch with his _arroz con pato_, as if _pollo_ wasn’t good enough. And if that wasn’t enough, each day, a different Pisco maker served up cocktails such as pisco punch and the traditional pisco sour, which kept the audience coming back for more.

On top of all that luxury, guests were honored by the presence of Chef Virgilio Martinez of restaurant Central and Chef Hector Solis of Fiesta, both top rated among the World’s Best Restaurants list. They awed the audience with their presentation “Building on Tradition: Sudado and the Corn of Peru”, preparing both traditional and novo-andino inspired dishes using fish and corn, two staple ingredients in Peruvian cuisine.

The audience was delighted and impressed to have Peru recognized and presented for their culinary mastery. Watch out world: Peru is the new France.

_Danielle Mayall is an athlete, yogi, health-nut, and a serious foodie. She recently graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy, minor in Cultural Anthropology and certificate in Documentary Studies. She focused her studies on the intersection between food & sustainability, and nutrition & exercise in a culinary and multicultural context. Although she spends most of her time eating and working out, she also loves to write about all her different passions and adventures around the world._
Peruvian cuisine was the star in Brooklyn, New York, during the annual gathering held on October 25.