Peru Takes Steps to Legalize Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners


Peru is taking steps to legalize artisanal and small-scale miners according to an important announcement by Peru’s Ministry of Energy.

A new set of forms and regulations are now available on their website. It is supposed to help speed up the process of the legalization of small-scale and artisanal miners in the country. These reports are considered the results of the registration initiative of illegal miners started in February of this year. The main purpose of this plan is to seek the regulation of more than 12,000 workers during the next year.

The ministry stated that it is important to clarify measures contained in the Environmental Management Plan, which must be implemented throughout the period during which the integral process of mining legalization is taking place, along with other important alignments.

It is worth mentioning that Peru is currently the second biggest copper and zinc producer in the world. Although artisanal mining activities have been under the microscope for more than 15 years, regulation processes always fail. In 2016, the Pedro Pablo Kuczynski government announced that the executive branch would take matters into its own hands; thus, his office started a new process that declared the legalization of small-scale and artisanal mining operations a matter of national interest.

Mining is among the most important economic activities in Peru right now, having the most mining reserves in Latin America. Right now, mining and transportation are considered the two most important sectors for investors.

Do you think it is a good idea to regulate the activity of these miners?

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