Peru: Teacher’s Unions Sign Agreement to End Strike

(Photo: El Comerico)

Representatives of Peru’s teacher’s unions signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education to end the teacher’s strike in Peru.  What are the terms?

Representatives of Peru’s regional teacher’s unions have finally reached an agreement with the Ministry of Education after 55 days of the strike.

The basic terms of the agreement are as follows:

  1.  The salary raises originally promised for May of 2018 has been moved forward to December of this year.  Other salary adjustments related to pay raise for different teacher ranks are included in this part.
  2. The government will pay a “social debt” to the budgets of regional governments, 70% of which will be destined toward the education sector.
  3. The Ministry of Education commits to carrying out job performance evaluations on a “preparation” instead of “punishment” basis; in other words, teachers can not be evaluated before they have been provided training.
  4. The teachers must end forceful methods immediately and return to their classrooms within 48 hours.  Teachers must also develop a plan to recover classes that have been missed during the strike in cooperation with local institutions, school directors, and parents.
  5. The teacher’s unions affirm within the agreement that they reject all acts of violence, especially those related to terrorism.

The agreement was signed by both parties and released by the Ministry last evening.  While there are still loose ends that must be cleared up between unions and the Ministry, it appears that the conflict is on its way to a peaceful resolution.

Source: El Comercio



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