Peru this Week at Selvamonos 2014


Hands waved through the smoky air and hips waggled from side to side. The weekend we’d all been waiting for had finally arrived. Bonfires blazed in the distance, surrounded by revellers taking a break from their revelling. The crisp air was filled with music and appreciative hoots from the audience.

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The energy was high all weekend. There were one or two who we’re pretty sure didn’t sleep at all during the weekend. Bands from Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica and, of course, Peru, as well as artists and acrobats had come together to make a two-day long party one we wouldn’t forget.

*The music!*

Selvámonos 2014 had grouped together nine Peruvian bands and five international, as well as the two Oxampampina bands that played during the culture week.

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Many of the bands that presented at Selvámonos have styles that are nigh-indefinable, and require a string of almost nonsense adjectives to even attempt to describe them. Reggae-folk-ska fusion. Afro-Peruvian-electro-dance fusion. Indie-Latin-pop-rock fusion.

Eventually the world “fusion” begins to lose all meaning. There was a huge mix of styles: cumbia, reggae, rock, ska, electronica… but they all had one thing in common: an incredible amount of energy.

_We asked the people of Selvamonos what they thought about the festival (Video: Carlos del Aguila Calle and Gareth Hunter/Peru this Week)_

*The fairs!*

There was more to consume even than the music and art– the festival was accompanied by a design fair, a food fair, and an eco-fair.

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A number of local vendors were on site to provide grub, with offerings ranging from pizza to anticuchos to fancy coffee to “choripan,” which can be (very) loosely translated as “sausagey-bread,” and is really just a confusing way to say “brat on a bun.” Despite the misleading name, the choripan was yummy and a much-needed dose of salt and protein in a night that just wouldn’t quit. Tragically expensive beer was also available on site, causing us to sigh mournfully every time we handed over S/. 8 for a bottle. Even more tragic, perhaps, is the fact that we continued to buy the beer in spite of its price and stirring mediocrity.

_All the tempting things at the fair! (Photo: Katherine Goicochea/Peru this Week)_

The design fair was full of talented artists and salespeople hawking impossibly cool handmade goods, including jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Most of the artisans we spoke to kept shop in Barranco. One of the Perú this Week writers (who shall remain nameless) even splurged on a big gold and chrysocolla ring from Aeztre jewelry. Said writer regrets nothing.

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The Eco-Fair was home to a handful of stands promoting various environmentally-friendly projects, like the One Liter of Light project. In the idyllic setting of a green Oxapampa field, it’s hard not to feel passionate about the environment– after all, who would want to destroy this natural paradise?

*And, did we mention that the whole thing takes place in the jungle?*

What’s that? We told you many, many times that Selvámonos is a jungle festival? And the fact that it is surrounded by incredibly beautiful tree-covered mountains, waterfalls, and rivers and takes place in a German-Austrian town? Selvámonos would be worth the visit even if it were an empty field. Every morning we’d wake up to pure green surrounding our tent city. We were in heaven.

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