Peru: Thousands of dead fish found in Lake Titicaca


Thousands of dead fish were found floating in Lake Titicaca, in the region of Puno, El Comercio reported.

According to the daily, regional officials have taken water samples and are currently investigating what killed the fish. Meanwhile, local residents reported seeing a “strange liquid” in the lake last week.

According to officials, early reports indicate that water samples had low levels of oxygen, with levels of one to two millimeters per liter, below the normal range of five to eleven.

The lack of oxygen in the water, officials said, could have been caused by pollution in the water sources that feed Lake Titicaca.

>The news is the latest incident to shake the local fishing industry. On Monday President Ollanta Humala said warned that >Peru’s anchovy was in danger of extinction due to over fishing.

"We recognize the sacrifice of small fishermen, but we also know of irresponsibility and corruption among big companies that have plundered anchovies,” the president said.

Local officials are still uncertain as to what caused the death of thousands of fish that were found floating in Lake Titicaca, in the region of Puno.