Peru Trains Harder for the Second Match


After tying with New Zealand in Wellford, Peru needs to win the match that will be played in Lima this Wednesday.

The whole country paralyzed, watching their TVs and cheering for Peru. A match full of opportunities that fans thought would turn into goals but sadly, the match ended with a score of 0-0.

Nevertheless, the conditions Peru had to face weren’t the best, taking into account the wind at the Wellford stadium. In a country, thousands of kilometers away and without their captain, Peru was able to at least tie the match.

But now it is time to think of the very last chance to qualify for the World Cup, and it is going to take place here in Lima this Wednesday.

The second leg of the repechage will be played this November 15 and everyone is expecting the final result; will Peru be able to qualify for a World Cup after 35 years of waiting?

The Peruvian team has already arrived in Lima (Saturday night the 11th) and began their training this past Sunday in Videna. Their plan is to give everything they’ve got in the second match and to score the goals they were not able to score during the first leg in New Zealand.

What are your predictions for this second match? Will the Peruvian team play differently because they are locals now?

(Source. Cover Photo Facebook)

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