Olympics: Peru’s volleyball team to face Italy tonight


How much longer will it take until jerseys from the national volleyball team are as commonplace upon the backs of proud Peruvians as are those of the (ahem, slightly) less successful national soccer team?

Set to continue their string of success in the 2016 Women’s World Olympic Qualification Tournament, Peru’s national volleyball team faces Italy tonight.

Peru is on successful streak, hoping to earn their way to a “long-awaited return to the Olympics”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-peru-focused-on-fighting-for-place-at-the-2016-olympics-109514.

Recently the team took on central Asia’s Kazakhstan, winning 3-1 (19-25 / 25-22 / 25-23 / 25-23). Italy is also coming off of a win, beating the Dominican Republic 3-0.

Italy is not only undefeated by the top-scoring team, and many regard the European team a shoo-in for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Hosting team Japan, a nation that earned bronze four years ago in London, met Peru for their first qualifier and defeated the Andean nation, with straight sets.

Peru’s volleyball team has not competed in the Olympics since 2000.



Agnes Rivera

A U.S. native plucked from the green surroundings of her home state of Oregon, Agnes Rivera has been living in Lima, Peru, fulfilling various occupations such as teaching, translating, and journalism. While indoors she uses her time creatively to build "recycled art" and read fiction, she is quick to use any excuse to be outdoors, balancing her inner home-body lifestyle with an adventurous spirit to explore all that Peru has to offer.