Peru vs. Argentina: In These Places You will be Able to See the Match on a Giant Screen

(Photo: El Comercio)

The Peruvian team plays the match against Argentina for the 2018 Russian Qualifiers. It will take place at La Bombonera stadium.

The Peruvian team will play on Thursday, in Argentina, a decisive match for their way to the World Cup 2018 (a very passionate journey). Peruvian fans who are in our country will be able to follow the encounter and encourage every move.

For this, the Municipality of Lima said that fans will be able to follow this match for free in two giant screens that will be placed in the Plaza de Armas. In this space, it will be held from 03:00 p.m.; in addition to live music, barbershop, games, and prizes will be given out to encourage the sporting event.

But this will not be the only public space in which the selection can be encouraged. The Municipality of San Juan de Miraflores will also have a giant screen in the District’s Plaza de Armas so that neighbors can cheer on their team.

UVK has also presented a special function to broadcast the match between Peru and Argentina. Attendees can buy their tickets online.

In the Lawn Tennis Club of Jesus Maria, at 4 p.m., about three thousand fans will enjoy art shows and the clash against the albiceleste. The event is organized by the Backus brewery. Attendees can win tickets for the match between Peru and Colombia, to be played on October 10 at the National Stadium, and t-shirts autographed by the national team.

Will you see the match at home or will you go to another place to watch it with your friends?

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