Peru vs. New Zealand: Record-Breaking Ticket Sales

(Photo by La Republica)

The Peruvian National Team will play next on November 10 in Willengton for their last chance to go to World Cup Russia 2018.

Peru and New Zealand will play against each other on November 10 in Wellington in the first match of the play-off with a view to the World Cup 2018 and the public has responded in the best way.

In less than an hour, a total of 20,000 tickets were sold to witness the duel between Peru and New Zealand.

The president of the New Zealand’s soccer association, Andy Martin, was pleasantly surprised by the response from the public. “We knew there was a great demand for this match and that has been shown today by New Zealand audiences,” he said. More than 1,000 Peruvians have bought their tickets to see the match, which is not such a big surprise taking into account how passionate peruvian fans are (just look at the impressive number of Soccer shirts produced to date).

“This is the biggest sell-out we’ve had for seeing the All Whites in a home game,” he added. Compared to 2013 when New Zealand played the playoff against Mexico where only 14,500 tickets were sold. It should be noted that the second match will be played on November 15 at the National Stadium at 9:15 p.m. Peruvian Time.

Were you expecting more or less Peruvian fans to attend this match? Would you like to go to New Zealand and be in the stadium cheering for Peru?

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