Peru Will Now Have Two Cardinals


Today at 9:00 am, local Peruvian time, Monsignor Pedro Barreto was named Cardinal of Peru by Pope Francis as an honorary position to work together with the current Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani.

“This event took place in the Vatican, where the Pope named 14 new cardinals from Spain, Bolivia, Mexico, and Peru, among other countries”, said El Comercio.

Every country where there’s Catholic representation there is one Cardinal. It is the highest title that the Pope can give, and they help to administer the church. Nevertheless, this is the first time in the history of Peru that you there will be two cardinals in charge of the Catholic Church at the same time.

Nonetheless, the idea is not to replace Cipriani with Barreto, but to have them work together as a team. When the first reaches 75 years of age, he will resign, since this consists of the age limit established by the canon law, explained El Comercio.

“José Luis Pérez Guadalupe, an expert in canon law, explained to El Comercio in May of this year that Barreto’s appointment as cardinal is ‘an honorary position’ and this does not mean replacing Cipriani. He added that in the same country there may be two, three or more cardinals in office”, you can read in this media.

Because Barreto and Cipriani will soon be 75 years old (Barreto in February 2019 and Cipriani in December of this year), both will renounce their respective archbishoprics this year because they reach the age limit, and a new Cardinal will have to be appointed.

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