Peru will Receive S/ 3,000 Million Investment in Science and Technology


An important investment in a growing sector of the economy.

Peru is a country devoted to technology and development.

Technology sectors will receive an investment of approximately  S/ 3,000 million in the next three years according to Fabiola Leon-Velarde, president of Concytec. She specified that this amount takes into account the transfers by Canon that will be received by the regions where oil extraction is one of the main economic activities along with natural gas and minerals. These places will need to have resources delivered to their universities that make investments in science and technology.

She highlighted that these S/ 3,000 million do not represent 0.3% of the GDP. In that sense, she indicated that Peru is still below other countries in the region that invest in innovation, science, and technology, such as Chile that reaches around 0.5% or Brazil that has more than 1% of their GDP.

Needless to say, Asian countries that invest over 3% have seen their technology sectors develop much faster. Leon-Valverde remains optimistic, however, because this new investment represents the largest one to be seen in Peru’s science and technology in recent years.

Do you think more investment in technology is required?

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