Peru’s Blueberries and Citrus Fruits Headed for New Market in India


Blueberries and citrus fruits are scheduled to enter the Indian market in November.

As Peru and India successfully closed round 1 of negotiations for a free trade agreement, another meeting took place between agricultural representatives of the 2 countries.

After the meeting, Peru’s Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry announced that India’s markets will be opening its doors to Peru’s blueberries and citrus fruits.

Andina reports that Indian officials visited La Libertad and Ica to view production and packaging facilities.  They inspected for quality and sanitation purposes.

These fruits will complement the wave of Peruvian superfoods that have allegedly already broken into the Indian market.  Peru, meanwhile, is looking forward to receiving India’s “premium Basmati rice and mangoes” according to Ministry official Jorge Barnachea.

This seems to bode well for the 2nd round of trade agreement talks which are scheduled to take place in December.

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Mike Dreckschmidt

Mike grew up and eventually attended university in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He graduated in Integrative Leadership Studies with an emphasis in Urban and Regional Planning and has been a part of planning projects in three different countries. Mike’s passion is reading; he devours both literature and nonfiction. His favorite author is Peru’s own Julio Ramón Ribeyro.