PPK: “Peru’s Consumer and Business Confidence Rates Improve”


According to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) the “Peruvian economy is better, it is coming forward and we are emerging from an immense crisis that began three years ago”, he pointed out to El Peruano.

Consumer and business confidence rates are bettering themselves, according to PPK, which is why he asked the people to trust in the country’s economic perspectives.

“Work is slowly becoming more available, let’s be optimistic, I think that everything will be fixed”, said the President in a radio interview, adding that he believes that Peruvians should live in a tolerant country.

PPK also said that Peru’s economy is more auspicious than three years ago and he pointed out that the new mining projects that will be announced soon will contribute to the economy.

“It isn’t true that we are not doing well”, Kuczynski said in the interview, “on the contrary, the economy is better”, although he confesses it is not at the level he would like for it to be. “We’re coming out of a crisis that began three years ago (…) and there are mining investments taking place that will be announced soon”, he revealed.

The President also addressed the issue of the presidential vacancy motion that the Congress has been discussing, and that, according to him “lack of sustainability” and is “motivated by extremist groups”, wrote El Peruano.

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