Peru’s Farming Exports on the Rise

(Photo: Press Release)

Farming exports from Peru are up 14% in July; Super Foods Peru makes big connections in Asia.

Peruvian farming sales reached US$424 million in July for a 14% rise from the same month last year, according to Andina. The highest demand for these exports came overwhelmingly from the world region of Asia, representing 84% of sales.

Perhaps this is why the Super Foods Peru brand achieved $US 138 million in business at the recent Asia Fruit Logistica 2017 fair in Hong Kong.  In fact, China is by far the current leading buyer of Peru’s agricultural exports.

Relations between China and Peru continue to grow in importance and magnitude. Chinese state companies are beginning to increase their involvement in large-scale energy and transportation projects.

Political tensions with an opposition Congress, fueled by the recent teacher’s strike, have seen approval ratings fall to 19% for the incumbent executive and legislative powers.  Despite this, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski stated in response that he is focused on the growth of important exports to build a positive future for Peru.

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Mike Dreckschmidt

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