Peru’s Garcia to be investigated over alleged financial irregularities


Peru’s Attorney General’s Office has announced that it will investigate former President Alan Garcia’s financial records, after Garcia bought a new home priced at $830,000.

According to El Comercio, the investigation will last 30 days, and will involve a report from the country’s Banking, Insurance, and Pension Fund Management Superintendency.

Garcia, who says he bought the house with personal savings, and a loan, will be asked to participate in the investigation, the daily reported.

In a memo issued by the attorney general, the agency notes that the former president’s funds “are not properly justified.”

The memo said the investigation’s aim will be to determine whether Garcia bought the home through “regular income, or if it could be linked to a possible irregular conduct during his time as president of the republic.”

According to El Comercio, Garcia has agreed to cooperate with the attorney general, and provide the necessary documents.

Former President Alan Garcia’s financial records will be investigated after Garcia bought a new home priced at $830,000.