Peru’s government to construct over 20,000 new homes in cold affected areas in 2014


Rene Cornejo, Minister of Homes, Construction and Sanitation announced today that the government will build over 20,000 new homes by the end of 2014. He emphasized that priority will be given to the regions of Peru most affected by the recent cold spell. Puno, Cusco, Arequipa, Apurimac, Junin, and Huanuco will be the focus of the S/. 60 million project.

This year’s winter has been hard on Peru’s mountain communities, causing deaths, respiratory problems, livestock dying in the tens of thousands, accompanied by a severe loss in crop production. The State had to fly in supplies by helicopter at one point, and extensive medical relief efforts were undertaken.

The Ministry of Homes, Construction and Sanitation has so far built 76 tambos and another 101 are under construction. According to news agency, Andina, this is part of the program of support for rural habitations created at the beginning of this year. The Peruvian government aims to have 500 centers of support to rural habitats, known as ‘tambos,’ built by July 2016, which will benefit over 750,000 rural citizens with scarce resources. The far-reaching project has a budget of S/. 167 million.

Cornejo is optimistic about the effects of the project. “The tambos are located in places where there are groups of populated centers with less thn 200 inhabitants and that don’t have any services, not even the municipalities reach those places,” he said.The State will focus efforts in areas most affected by the winter snow.