Peru’s National Bank Provides More Loans for Public Sector

National Bank President, Enrique Cornejo (Left) President, Alan Garcia (Right)
© Andina

Peru’s National Bank President, Enrique Cornejo announced that over 266 thousand loans have been approved to Peru’s public sector and 47 million soles have been loaned to micro-businesses with dilatoriness indicators at zero.

Cornejo added that the public sector is benefiting from a loan insurance that is provided by the bank, which covers the entire loan in the case of the borrowers death or an unexpected disability.

The bank president stated that the 266 thousand loans, which are all being paid punctually, are made up of borrowers that are teachers, health workers, police officers, retired people and citizens that work for congress.

Bank president Cornejo stated that in an effort to give loans to workers that had never applied for a loan or had a bank account, the National Bank – in cooperation with the Continental Bank in Peru, created a program called "My Loan", to provide these workers with loans.

This new loan is expected to help 340 thousand people in more difficult economic situations, providing them with loans and giving them ample time to pay them.