Peru’s Official Name For 2019 Has Been Determined


President Marín Vizcarra announced yesterday morning that the country’s official name for this calendar year will be: “Year of the fight against corruption and impunity”.

“Through a Supreme Decree signed on the morning of Wednesday, January 9, at the Government Palace, President Martín Vizcarra made official that the fight against corruption will be the theme that will mark the country’s agenda during the coming months. The decree will enter into force after its publication in the official newspaper El Peruano”, El Comercio explained.

Also, the President mentioned that since 1963, the year in which it was decided to name each year for the first time, none has been related to the fight against corruption.

“We have seen fit from the Government that, having extremely important issues in health, education, basic sanitation, infrastructure development, economic growth, fight against violence against women, gap reduction (…) all those aspects relevant to the country will be attended by each of the sectors and by the Government as a whole, but we want to summarize that the priority of the Government is the fight against corruption and impunity,” he said, according to the aforementioned media.

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