Peru’s Top 3 Agricultural Exports of 2017 (So Far)

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

Check out the top agricultural products that Peru is selling to the world.

Business Insider recently reported that Peru’s total exports have grown for 11 months straight.  The increase in May was partly due to the growing agricultural sector.  Let’s take a look at which agricultural products have been the most prominent of Peru’s exports in the 1st half of 2017.

In May, Peru’s total exports grew for an 11th consecutive month.

1st of all, to whom is Peru selling their agricultural products?  The principal buyer is the United States, taking in 26% of exports from the Andean country.  Other important buyer countries are Holland (16%), Spain (7%), Ecuador (5%), and China (5%).

The top 3 exports from Peru are the following:

  1. Fresh grapes
  2. Fresh avocados
  3. Fresh mangoes

This makes sense, considering that both Peruvian grapes and Peruvian avocados have been big in the news lately. More than 100,000 tons of each of these products have been shipped out from January to May of 2017.

Following the big 3, Peruvian toasted coffee is next on the list published by El Comercio.  This is followed by asparagus.

With the new grape varieties being introduced, the rise of asparagus, avocados, and mangoes elevating near the top of the list, it matches a trend we have seen in recent years.  Peru is gravitating toward non-traditional export crops instead of traditional ones like coffee and anchovies.

This brings both new opportunities and challenges for Peru’s agricultural industries and workers who are forced to adapt to the changing times.




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