Peru’s World Cup Ticket Demand Exceeding Expectations


FIFA announced the surprisingly great demand in tickets for the World Cup.

Now that the draw for groups stage are drawn, Peruvians have two things on their mind. The final decision on striker Paolo Guerroros ban and attending the World Cup in Russia. Currently, the majority of requests come from Russia with 34% of tickets. Nevertheless, fans from Argentina, Peru, Mexico, the US, Colombia, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, China, and Poland are listed. among the top ten.

FIFA has already offered some packages to go and see the Peruvian team during the World Cup. However, regular ticket sales for World Cup matches are also in high demand. After the first 24 hours of ticket sales, it was detailed that 1,318,109 applications were registered. The sales phase by lottery has a deadline (January 31, 2018). If you are interested in purchasing a ticket you can do it here.

The Peruvian National Team is located in Group C. France, Denmark, and Australia are the other teams to share the group. The ultimate football party will start in June and end in July 2018. Qualification is already seen as an impressive achievement since it had not happened in 36 years.

Do you think there will be many Peruvians attending to the World Cup to cheer for the team?

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