Peruvian, Chilean foreign ministers meet at Pachacamac


The newly-appointed Peruvian Foreign Minister, Gonzalo Gutiérrez, held a meeting with his counterpart from Chile, Heraldo Muñoz, to strengthen the two countries’ bilateral ties and to explore new economic growth points, it was reported Thursday.

Peru’s Foreign Minister, Gonzalo Gutiérrez, alongside his counterpart from Chile, Heraldo Muñoz following a meeting held in the nation’s capital Lima on Jun. 25.
The two-side gathering was carried out on Wednesday following a high-level ceremony for welcoming the inclusion of Qhapaq Ñan, which is the ancient Andean road system, on Unesco’s World Heritage List.

The head of the Chilean diplomacy flocked to the nation’s capital Lima to participate in the above ceremony, which was held in the pre-Incan fortress of Pachacamac, 30 kilometers south of Lima.

The June 25 meeting marks the first one between the top representatives from the two neighboring nations’ Foreign Ministries as Gutierrez took his oath last Tuesday, while Muñoz assumed office on March 11.

Furthermore, the Peru-Chile one-on-one talks is a signal that both governments want to further strengthen their friendly relations and make joint progress in areas of common interest.

On June 21, the United Nations cultural agency, Unesco granted the 15th century Inca road system which spans six South American countries the World Heritage status.

The decision was taken in the Qatari capital, Doha, where Unesco’s World Heritage Committee is gathered to consider the inclusion of other 40 cultural and natural sites to the list.The newly-appointed Peruvian foreign minister held a meeting with his Chilean counterpart.