Peruvian Coin Selected Best in the World


The Real House of Coin in Spain awarded this coin for having the best design in history.

Two years after announcing the creation of S/ 5 coins.  Peru’s coins have a written a new chapter in their award-winning history when S/ 1 coin, The Ceramic Shipibo Konibo of Ucayaliwas, was awarded the 2017 Nexonum “best in the world” in the category of “Legal Course Currency of 2016”.

The award received due to the quality of the design, takes into account all the elements from Peruvian culture displayed. This coin that was coined by the National Currency House (CNM) was put into circulation in July 2016.

It is worth mentioning that is the third time a Peruvian coin has been awarded The coin of S / 1 with the Inca Huaytará Temple, in Huancavelica, received the same award in 2013 and the S/ 1 featuring the Cathedral of Lima in 2015.

The awards were granted by an international jury, composed of prestigious members of numismatic societies, national federations and academics from more than 20 countries in America and Europe.

As a curious fact, last year a commemorative S/ 1 coin was introduced to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the birth of Colonel Francisco Cervantes Bolognesi. Said coin was priced S/ 117 at that time.

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(Cover Photo El Comercio)



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