Peruvian compensated with US$ 20 thousand in Japan after being imprisoned by mistake



Peruvian compensated with US$ 20 thousand in Japan after being imprisoned by mistake
Akira Ichinose was put in prison by mistake during twelve days. (Still image: Frecuencia Latina )

Akira Ichinose, a Peruvian resident in Japan, was confined to prison during twelve days for a crime he did not commit, informed various news sources.

Ichinose was accused of robbing a bar. His prints, according to Japanese police, were found on the cash register that was robbed.

After being confined for twelve days, the police had to admit they had made a mistake. Ichinose was released and compensated with US$ 20 thousand.

Ichinose works in a factory located in Numazu, four hours from Tokyo.

He is married to a Japanese woman and has two children. Ichinose and his family currently live with her sister who also lives in Numazu.

The Peruvian’s account starts when Japanese police come up to him and press charges for a robbery he did not commit.

“They show me a paper which says arrest for robbery. Robbery where? I ask. In Ibaraki-Ken, the police respond. But I’ve never been there,” said Ichinose to “Punto Final” television program.

According to Ichinose, he was subject of harsh psychological pressure by the police, who  hoped to obtain names of his accomplices in the burglary.

“They accused me of robbing a bar. I asked when did that happened and they responded that on Septemebr 29th . Then I said I was working that day and the police replied they knew I had drove to Ibaraki-Ken after work, robbed the bar, and returned to my hometown,” said Ichinose.

After being in jail for twelve days, the police told him they had found finger prints in the plastic device where coins were kept in the cash register.

“I had made the plastic device and my prints were on it since the day it came out of the fabric. I saw a picture of it and remembered: ‘I made that plastic’,” explained Ichinose.

After cross examining evidence, Japanese Police admitted they had made a mistake. As a result, Ichinose will be compensated with US$ 20 thousand for being kept in prison.