Peruvian Crafts Seek to Conquer International Markets

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Given the fall in the exports of these products, the largest trade fair in the world opened an office in Peru and offers an excellent showcase.

With 800 years of history, the Messe Frankfurt (Germany), the largest trade fair in the world, has become the 21st century Constantinople. What began as a small market in the Middle Ages, today is the most important annual meeting for almost 1.2 million visitors and more than 50 thousand exhibitors from all over the world, including Peru.

The presentation of Chulucanas and Catacaos ceramics, fine Ayacucho embroideries, colorful Cusco blankets and Peruvian baby alpaca sweaters in the past, has generated trade agreements that represent between 20% and 25% of our total annual exports of crafts. The main buyers come from the United States, New Zealand, England and Germany itself.

Currently, however, the export of crafts is not fairing so well. In 2012 we exported US$ 69 million 515 thousand, according to SUNAT; in 2016 the figure fell to US$ 41 million 111 thousand. For this 2017, El Niño Costero had a significant impact and is expected to close in at least US $ 40 million.

Orlando Vásquez, a representative of the Association of Exporters (ADEX) Craft Committee, explained that in previous editions of the Frankfurt Fair, Peru sent up to 25 exhibitors. This year only 10 companies attended. By 2018, the number will increase and there will be 12 Peruvian stands that will offer their products to the world.

“The sector has a lot of potential that has not yet been developed. The goal is to reach 200 million dollars a year in exports,” he said.

New opportunities

With the interest of increasing the participation of our craftworks, the Frankfurt Messe opened a representative office in Peru, the second one in Latin America.

“Peru is a country that is expanding and we have not hesitated to offer this opportunity,” said Patricia Vega, representative of the organization during the event by Adex and the Frankfurt Messe.

This office will give free training to Peruvian businessmen and provide facilities for those who travel. The arrival of the organization is an important window for the recovery of exports in the sector.

Craftsmen from our country have already been awarded in past years. Do you think there is a lot of potential to exploit? Do you think the “Frankfurt Messe” will be helpful?

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