Peruvian Cuisine in South Africa (VIDEO)

(Photo: Charango Bar and Grill/Facebook)

A Gastronomic Festival promotes Peru’s amazing cuisine in Pretoria, but that’s not the only place you can find Peruvian food in South Africa…

Peruvian cuisine is making headway into South Africa.  During the 1st week of August, the 2nd Peruvian Gastronomic Fair was held in the city of Pretoria.

The Peruvian Embassy in South Africa in cooperation with Grand Life Café presented Chef Ricardo Quispe as the main attraction of the festival.  Hailing from Lima Peru, Chef Quispe assisted in the presentation of 6 Peruvian dishes, according to Andina.

However, Pretoria isn’t the only place you can find Peruvian food in South Africa.  Let’s go to the opposite side of the country to find out why.

In the video, Samuel and Audrey try out Peruvian food in the port city of Cape Town, where they are surprised and delighted by what Charango Grill and Bar Restaurant has to offer.  Check out their video below for South African lunch specials with a Peruvian twist.

Video courtesy of Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food on Youtube.

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