Peruvian cuisine to extend int’l presence through franchise deals


Peruvian gastronomy aims to extend its presence in foreign markets though franchise-operated brand stores that pursue internationalization, said Fernando Cruz, Hellofood Peru general manager.

According to the latest market analysis by online food delivery service Hellofood, the ‘Peruvian food’ category is one of the fastest growing in the last year, with a 63 percent expansion in September compared to the same month in 2013.

Cruz explained this growth is clear evidence that more and more gastronomy companies are adding delivery options to their services and the Peruvian food is not exempt from this.

Food-related companies are looking to enter new markets and seek to expand their sales by operating in all the areas of the business, including delivery,” he stated.

The country manager indicated his strong belief that this service will be a strong momentum for Peruvian food internationalization.

“We believe that making this service simple, fast and reliable for Peruvian restaurants will stimulate expansion of our gastronomy, which already seeks to extend its presence abroad through franchise agreements,” he added.With foreign markets in mind, more delivery services offered to simplify and speed-up service.