Peruvian Ecolodge Ranks in Top 10 Sustainable Destinations (PHOTOS)

(Photo: El Comercio)

CNN names Inkaterra Guides Field Station in Madre de Dios among the world’s top 10 sustainable destinations.

Inkaterra Guides Field Station is a perfect haven for travelers, scientists, volunteers, and students looking for a true conservation experience, El Comercio reports.  It also includes a training program for guides.

The objective of this program, according to one description, is to “form leaders in ecotourism…and develop skills and knowledge of ecosystems in Peru”.

Interestingly, the ecolodge used to be a research station but has converted into something more akin to a rainforest retreat, thanks to the non-profit Inkaterra Association.

CNN also reports that the center carries out wildlife outings such as a high canopy walkway above the forest, boat trips, and sustainable farming projects with local communities.

Inkaterra Guides Field Station is located in the Tambopata National Reserve, department of Madre de Dios, which was also in the news recently when Peru’s police force raided 83 illegal gold mine camps in the area.



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