Peruvian Engineering Students Present Marine Drone in France


Students from the National Engineering University of Peru took part in a competition in France where they presented their innovative drone.

With all of the progress that Peru has made economically and in reducing extreme poverty, one of the areas for improvement remains innovation.

That’s why it’s great to see students from Peru’s National Engineering University (UNI) taking part in Hydrocontest 2017 in France.

The competition took place this past September 4-10 and UNI students presented a marine drone to be used in commercial fishing. One of the students, Daniel Vega Izaguirre, told El Comercio that this drone could save a great deal of money on oil used in fishing boats by searching out areas where schools of fish are concentrated.

The objective of Hydrocontest is to produce projects that can carry out marine transport in the least amount of time possible with the least amount of energy.

Daniel, with other students Aldo Guardia Guizado, Cristian Gomez, and Rider Paredes, entered the competition under the team name Machu Picchu. While they didn’t appear in the official finalist results, we congratulate them for representing Peru at the contest.

Hopefully, innovative projects like these will be seen more frequently from Peru. The success of this relies on increasing investment in innovation from both private and public sectors.


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Mike Dreckschmidt

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