Peruvian Exports to Mercosur Expand by 27.23% in 2017


There has been a consistent growth in exports during 2017, Peruvian participation in Mercosur is an example of this growth.

PromPerú reported that Peruvian exports destined to Brazil register higher numbers since those are the ones to produce the highest income for Peru in the mentioned period. The total was USD 1,300,555,000, which translates to 27.88% growth in the whole year.

Peruvian exports to member countries of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) increased by 27.23%. The figures recorded include transactions up to October of this year and are compared to the ones from last year’s same period. Brazil is followed by Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay which altogether imported up to USD 1,472,023,000 this year.

The largest country in South America was the one that produced the highest income for Peru in the aforementioned period. With a figure of US$ 1,300,555,000 and a difference of US$ 283,573,000 compared to last year’s record, its growth was 27.88%.

For instance, Uruguay, which was the second destination with the highest Peruvian exports between January and October increased 27.68%. In third and fourth place were Argentina and Paraguay, respectively. While the first had an increase of 21.29% with USD 126,860,000, the second followed the same trend to reach USD 10,701,000, representing an increase of 20.92%.

It should be noted that Mercosur, initially composed of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, aims to provide a common space that generates business and investment opportunities for South American countries. In this framework, countries such as Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Surinam, and Guyana are listed as associated countries.

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