Peruvian Fans do the Haka War Dance to Support Peru (VIDEO)

(Photo by PQS.PE)

Football fans looked for several ways to support the team in the last game of the playoff against New Zealand.

This key grants a place for the Russia 2018 World Cup.

It was a group of students who decided to use the ancient dance to support their team and transmit all the energy needed to win the last match. It is important to recall that the first match ended 0-0 and that the Peruvian team needs a victory if they want to go to the World Cup.

In times of shocking news such as the suspension of Paolo Guerrero and the certainty that he will not be able to play the second leg of this repechage process, supporting the team seems like the best thing to do.

The traditional Maori war dance which was used to encourage warriors before the battle was performed by a group of students from San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL) who wore masks, sang songs and held banners, all to support the team of Ricardo Gareca.

Nevertheless, the particular thing about this Peruvian version of the Haka is that the students sang it in Quechua and they painted their faces and put on their national team jerseys. The outcome was a very peculiar dance similar to the original ones done by the warriors.

Do you have your tickets to go to the stadium or will you watch it on TV?

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