Peruvian Food Present in the World Food Program (VIDEO)


Peruvian food was present in the World Food Program, highlighting its nutritional value.

“Cocina con Causa” was invited to an important international meeting. The delicious aroma of Peruvian food captivated visitors from all parts of the world who did not waste time to begin sampling the wonderful tastes of Peruvian food.

Representatives from more than 50 countries around the world were able to taste some of the most delicious Peruvian dishes for lunch. The dishes were cooked by expert chefs with years of experience in traditional Peruvian cuisine.

One of the most remarkable facts about food served in this program meeting is that they were cooked with authentic Peruvian ingredients, giving a particular creole touch to the dishes presented. Ingredients mentioned included, red, and green quinoa, chia, Peruvian cocoa and Peruvian traditional chili “ají”.

The traditional drink,”Pisco Sour”, was also present in the meeting, providing an excitement that only alcoholic drinks can give to an event.

Traditional dishes such as Lomo Saltado and Causa Rellena were some of the representatives favorites. An interesting fact about dishes served during the meeting is that some extra ingredients were added in order to make them more nutritional; ingredients that some restaurants prefer to throw away when cooking these delicious dishes.

The main purpose of adding these special ingredients was to clarify that it is possible to eat something delicious and healthy, only with a bit of imagination.

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(Source: Aris Sandrea)
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