Falling in Love with the Peruvian Hairless Dog: Getting to Know a Rare Breed


Never did I think that I would find the adorable canine I was looking for in Peru until I fell in love with the Peruvian hairless dog, also known as the Orchid. Here is why it’s a special breed, and why you might be interested in adopting.

What is the Orchid all about?

(Photo: Wikimedia)

The Peruvian Inca Orchid is an aptly named dog. There is something in a name, and when I hear the name of this dog spoken, it evokes the beauty and uniqueness that comes with the breed. I had never heard of the Inca Orchid until recently. When I searched for pictures, I was blown away. The Orchid is an adorable dog, with relatively no hair, very mild temperament, and requiring low maintenance. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Where do they come from?

(Photo: Wikimedia)

This is a very ancient breed of dog, dating back far before Incan times. Although the Orchid is best known after being classified by the Spaniards upon their arrival, we can find evidence of ceramic hairless dogs as far as 750 A.D. In fact, the Spanish almost eliminated this breed entirely.

If you acquire a puppy, you’ll be continuing a tradition that has persisted through the ages. Breeding these dogs has become a full-time job, and they once waned relatively close to becoming lost to obscurity. Since people now have more interest in this amazing species, we don’t have to worry any longer about them being forgotten.

Where do I find one?

(Photo: Flickr)

Finding a breeder in the United States may be difficult, if not altogether impossible. Sometimes you may find puppies for sale, but more than likely your drive will be across multiple states. You can always fly to Peru and bring one back with you, but that takes an incredible amount of time, and money to do so.

There is a group called the Peruvian Inca Orchid Enthusiasts ClubIf you connect with this group, it’s possible that you somebody can point you in the right direction to find a dog that’s up for adoption. When you search, you may find that puppies are relatively unavailable. But don’t get discouraged. I recommend that you be persistent, and surely an opportunity will eventually arise.

Some people go to the ends of the Earth to find the dog they are looking for, and will pay top dollar for doing so. The Orchid has very positive traits, and is good for any sort of situation you throw at it. Buying a dog is a major decision, and you’ll have to stick with it for years upon doing so, so take your time! Once you study the Orchid though, I don’t think you’ll find any dog more suitable. Come travel to Peru to get yours!







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