Peruvian-Japanese Fusion Cuisine Arrives to Indonesia

(Photo: Henshin/Facebook)

The ever more popular Nikkei (Peruvian-Japanese) cuisine can now be experienced to the fullest in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Peruvian food continues to shake the international world of gastronomy. Or, in this case, Peruvian-Japanese fusion food.

This cultural blend known as Nikkei cuisine is now available at the Henshin restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. Andina reports that the restaurant offers amazing panoramic views from the top 3 floor of the Westin hotel in the Indonesian capital. Ceviche and tiradito are two of their most popular dishes.

This news comes just after Nikkei-themed restaurants took the top 2 places in Peru’s national restaurant rankings: Summum 2017.

Coincidentally, Peru and Indonesia are also eyeing a possible trade agreement. Negotiations are tentatively set to begin in December, according to Nasdaq.

What is your favorite Nikkei restaurant in Peru or abroad? Let us know here at Living in Peru.

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