Peruvian League Against Cancer conducts free cancer screenings in Lima


A mobile cancer screening unit. (Photo: La República)

The Peruvian League Against Cancer (LPCC) launched today, Monday, its campaign of free cancer screenings called “Let’s Save Lives,” which will last until Saturday, March 26 in Peru’s capital.

LPCC president Adolfo Dammert stated that the screening activities would take place in prevention and detection centers in Lima districts of Pueblo Libre, San Borja, Comas and Surquillo.

Residents of Carabayllo, San Juan de Lurigancho, Barranco, Puente Piedra and Cieneguilla will also have access to screenings via the mobile units that will be present in these districts until Saturday, April 2.

By way of example of a type of cancer that responds to early detection and treatment, Dammert said that that there are more than 5,400 cases of cervical cancer diagnosed every year in Peru and an average of seven women die of cervical cancer every day.