Peruvian poet Raúl Heraud wins international award


Peruvian poet Raúl Heraud was recently awarded an international poetry award given in honor of Mexican poet Rubén Bonifaz Nuño.

According to Andina news agency, Heraud’s book of poems entitled “Anticielo” won the award after beating out 74 other works from a number of different Latin American nations, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Argentina, the United States, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico.

El Peruano quotes Heraud as explaining that his book was written “during a process in which my health was debilitated for a year, and I spent [that time]between clinical tests and results and cocktails of medications.”

Heraud also told El Peruano that his book focuses on themes of desperation, love, and madness, and that he hopes the prize will bring new readers to his work.

The new Hispano-American poetry award won by Heraud is named in honor of the late Mexican poet and scholar Rubén Bonifaz Nuño. In addition to his original poetry, Bonifaz Nuño is known for his translations of classical works, such as Virgil’s Aeneid. He died in January of 2013.

Andina writes that Heraud has taken part in a number of international poetry festivals. 43-year-old poet won Rubén Bonifaz Nuño award for his book of poetry “Anticielo.”



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