Peruvian Student Wins Gold Medal at Chemistry Olympiad

(Photo: Peru 21)

4 Peruvian secondary students proudly represented their home country at the International Chemistry Olympiad 2017 in Thailand.  1 of them took home a gold medal.

La Republica reports that 4 Peruvian secondary students took part in the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad 2017 in Thailand.  After the week of competitions ended, André Benjamín Fabián Salinas took home the 1st gold medal ever won by a Peruvian at this event.

André Benjamín won the medal amid fierce competition; 300 participants representing 76 countries from around the world competed.  With this victory, he defeated students from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and England.  He did this by showing his incredible talent in both theory and lab practice exams over the course of 2 days, according to RPP Noticias.

Peru’s Ministry of Education funded the travel costs of the 4 students who attended.

Yet another young Peruvian is showing their talent in the international scene.  It goes to show that Peruvians can compete among the best in the world in many kinds of skills provided they are given the support and opportunity to develop their talents.

Congratulations André for the accomplishment and to his companions Celeste Guillén Chucho, Jeykco Villavicencio Huanila and Percy Sifuentes Samanamud for representing Peru!




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