Peruvian Students Win Gold in Biology Olympiad


Three young students competed in the International XI Iberoamerican Biology Olympiads that was held on September 11th through the 16th in Ponta Delgada, Portugal.

The Peruvian team shined bright as they won gold, silver, and bronze medals making them the official #1 winners of the Biology Olympiads and winning the title over competing countries of Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Mexico and many others.

Winning the National Olympics in Biology by the University Ricardo Palma set the track for Frank Evangelista Tarazona, Rainer Enciso Chancahuana, Percy Sifuentes Samanamud y Carlos Pujaico Huayhualla, the team, to head to Portugal and win the gold for Peru.

Out of the four members of the team, Frank Evangelista during the theoretical-practical evaluations section of the contest was awarded the gold for earning the highest scores. Evangelista’s teammates, Rainer Enciso earned silver, and Percy Sifuentes and Carlos Pujaico both earned bronze medals.

“We are very proud of the achievement, this is a reward for his effort, the whole team, his colleagues, teachers and each of their families,” commented Frank’s mother to Andina, who along with his family reside in Callao.

The Iberoamerican Biology Olympiads consisted of 13 participating countries with teams of 4 students that with theoretical-practical evaluations also covered subjects in animal biology, botany, and cytology.

(Photos: Andina)

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Natasha Clay

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