Peruvian Supreme Court orders capture of freed death squad leader


Peru’s Supreme Court has annulled an earlier ruling that reduced the sentences of members of the Grupo Colina death squad, and the court has also ordered the capture of one member of the group who was freed as a result of the original ruling.

The move comes after the Inter-American Court of Human Rights demanded that the justice system overturn the original ruling made by the five judges of the Supreme Court. The annulment was carried out by four judges from the court, while the court’s director, Javier Villa Stein, was on vacation.

As a result of the annulment, the leaders of the Grupo Colina death squad, convicted of committing various atrocities during the early 1990s, will have to serve out their original sentences.

The court has also ordered the recapture of Alberto Pinto, who was released from jail as a result of the ruling. The former head of the army’s intelligence service was convicted of providing logistical support to the death squad.

“I am a little confused and worried, not only for me, but for the democracy of this country, in the face of this abuse that they want to commit,” said Pinto.

Villa Stein also criticized the imposition of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ position. “There is a plot forged in Peru, against Peru,” the jurist said, alluding to alleged connections between members of the government and the international court.

Reversing an earlier decision, the Supreme Court ordered the capture of Grupo Colina leader Alberto Pinto.