Peruvian surfer advances in Hurley Australian Open


Peruvian surfer Miguel Tudela advanced to the second round of the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing, after performing an incredible set in the outback.

Tudela will advance further in the Open after earning first place in the first round with a total score of 14.50 from two of his best waves each scoring 7.33 and 7.17.

“I am so happy that I have climbed positions, but this is only one series, another one will take place and that is a different story. I have to remain focused to keep up the pace,” he told Andina news agency.

Tudela has participated in the majority of world surfing competitions from the Quicksilver Pico Alto to the World Surfing Games. He recently won a third place medal at the South American Junior Contest in September.

Following Tudela in the first round were American Nathaniel Curran and Australian Michael Wright with 14.17 and 8.70 points respectively. The Peruvian surfer will face three Australians in the coming rounds including Adrian Buchan, Nicholas Squiers, and Cooper Chapman.

Tudela will compete for a spot in the third round this afternoon and tomorrow Wed. 11. Peruvian Miguel Tudela performed impressive sets to advance in Australia.