Peruvian tourists to Europe increase following the elimination of the Schengen visa


With the elimination of the Schengen visa for Peruvians in some European countries, the number of Peruvians travelling to Europe has increased. In the past month and half 21,982 Peruvians traveled to Europe reported Carlos Polo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With the elimination of the Schengen on March 15 this years, Peruvians have to now show their passports along with two other requirements in order to enter countries that have agreed to the changes.


EU countries also require Peruvians travelers to provide proof that they can economically support themselves during their stay. Without the Schengen Peruvians may stay for 90 days and within that time it is prohibited for the visitor to work or make money during their stay.

Some EU countries may ask for proof of where the visitor will stay either in a hostel, hotel or private residence.

Those that do not fulfill the requirements will be turned away and will have to return to Peru, authorities have reported that this has happened only a few times and it is expected to remain low.

The most popular destination so far is Spain with recorded number of Peruvians visitors at 14,464 followed by the Netherlands and France at 2,250, Italy with 378, Germany with 134, Sweden with 18, Belgium with 16 and finally Finland, Norway and Austria with 8 visitors each.

The recent introduction of biometric passports to Peruvians citizens has been praised by countries of the European Union (EU) as security and formality is greatly improved.

The response so far for the new system has been positive and is a benefit for all side with more people traveling between countries bringing elements of culture and experience