Peruvian water polo team starts preparing for the world cup!


After earning a reasonable 5th place in the Pan-American games in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the national water polo team classified to the U18 World Cup. They’ve participated in five tournaments of which they’ve won one gold medal, two silver medals,one bronze medal,and the classification to the World Cup.

Simply amazing.

Vicente Hinojosa, the FDPN’s (Federacion Deportiva Peruana de Natacion) waterpolo representative said, “Realistically speaking, Peru’s main goal in the world cup is to be amongst the top 16 teams and top four South American teams.” He then mentioned that the team will train twice a day—all summer long— to prepare for both the world cup and for a recent invitation to a tournament in Serbia during “Semana Santa.” Although they are still trying to budget and consolidate the invitation, the team is looking forward to traveling internationally. Before going to the World Cup U18 2014, they will be going to the Panamerican U19 2014 games in Bocaraton, Florida, and after that, on a trip around Europe.

Read the full article, and share your thoughts over at The Break national water polo team has finally classified to the 2014 World Cup in Istanbul, Turkey. They have already started practicing and are confident that they have a great tournament ahead of them!