Peruvian writer receives Don Quijote Prize


Peruvian writer Fernando Iwasaki was awarded the Don Quijote Prize for Journalism for his work, La Mancha Exteaterritorial .

The award winning work was published in a Chilean journal in August 2014 and has brought to light the ever changing nature of the Spanish language.

Iwasaki was born in Lima, Peru to a family of many origins including Japan, Ecuador, Italy, and of course Peru. For many years now he has been a resident of Sevilla, Spain and works as a writer, investigator, philosopher, and Peruvian historian.

Significant to Iwasaki therefore is the relationship between knowledge and language. La Mancha Exteaterritorial is a piece looking into the future of Spanish,in particularly as a source of knowledge. He sees Spanish as a language employed for tourism and music but less and less as an academic language.

Collaborating on this conversation of language with Iwasaki are other academics Alejo Carpentier and Roberto Arlt.

The Don Quijote Prize recognized the work and awarded Iwasaki 9,000 euros, or US$ 10,350 and a replica of the famous Don Quijote sculpture.

Other great works by the renowned Peruvian author include El Fantasma de la Glorieta, Inquisiciones Peruanas, Un Milagro Informal, España Aparta de mí estos Premios, Libro de Mal Amor, Mario Vargas Llosa Entre la libertad y el Infierno, El Descubrimiento de España and more. Peruvian literature has many proud moments, most recently that of award winning investigator, Fernando Iwasaki.