Peruvians Already Planning on Going to Russia World Cup 2018: Breaking Down the Costs


Now, it is time to analyze the real cost of traveling to Russia and watch the Peruvian team play.

The cost of a ticket Lima-Moscow costs around  USD$ 1,961 and USD$ 5,269, depending on the airline and the number of layovers. The trip can take from 18 (with no stops) to 40 hours (with up to three stops, which is the maximum). In addition, a night in a three-star hotel in the city of Moscow can range between USD$ 35 to USD$ 461.

Nevertheless, it is very important to take into account the cost of a ticket for the matches of the group stage. Matches from the group stages can be found at USD$ 105, while the final should be around USD$ 1,100.

FIFA packages may be the solution for the most passionate fans.

For the most passionate fans, who have probably saved money during their entire life for this moment, FIFA offers special packages. These hospitality packages offered by FIFA include; accommodations, transfers and special catering before the meetings, with a cost of between USD$ 9,000 and USD$ 10,000. These, however, do not include the ticket Lima-Moscow.

The company PDC representations, which sells FIFA hospitality tickets in Peru, said that so far they have sold 300 packages and that the demand has increased impressively now that Peru has qualified for the World Cup.

In this article, you can recount the match.

Will you go to Russia to cheer on Peru?

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