Peruvians feeling positive about personal economy


Perhaps it´s the excitement of Mistura, unique cultural conventions such as that of tattoos or the on-coming summer season, but good vibrations are running through Peru apparently as many residents predict a promising economic future.

According to a recent survey carried out by the GFK research group, about 86 percent of Peruvians are confident that their personal economy will not decrease in the next twelve months. Within this group, 44 percent of the respondents are not expecting any change to their current household economic state, however 42 percent predict things will just keep getting better (financially speaking, that is).

This positivity and hope led to 13 percent of Peruvian participants to believe that their chances of employment will increase. The majority, 56 percent, believe that their state of employment will not change, which can be a good thing as well if one is satisfied with their current situation.

Too much sunshine and happiness for you? Maybe you better relate to the 14 per cent who believe 2015 is going to send their personal financial situation in a downward direction.

The positive predictions are met with feedback from 2013 whereby 25 percent have felt an economic improvement personally since the last year.

Does this prove that Peruvians are feeling confident, or just have a determinedly positive outlook?
A recent study shows Peruvians feeling confident about financial future.