How Peruvians do Tea Time: Hotel B


Hotel B: An afternoon tea that is modern, chic, and perfectly suited for Anglophiles.

(Photo: Monique Loayza/Living in Peru)
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Lima’s Hotel B has built a name and reputation in the capital city, down to its restrained elegance and ability to sell its property as a destination in itself.

Tucked on a desirable stretch of the Barranco neighborhood and housed in a gorgeously restored white Belle Epoque style mansion, the bar, the dining room, and the grounds are attractions worth visiting.

And what is one of the best ways to enjoy a visit to the hotel without staying at the hotel? Perhaps with a spot of tea.

Hotel B’s tea service has strong English accents: porcelain teaware, crustless sandwiches, a selection of cakes and cookies, and an elegant setting. Choose between the cozy parlor rooms or the serene outdoor patio. Attention to detail is paramount here – you’ll notice that every piece of furniture, art, light fixture and adornment has been carefully selected, creating an atmosphere that is unique among the majority of Lima’s hotels. Despite its grandiosity and modernity, Hotel B does it with class and manages to produce a warm environment. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel at home – unless home is a multi-million dollar mansion decorated with rare pieces of artwork.

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(Photo: Monique Loayza/Living in Peru)

So what’s the afternoon tea like you ask? While the selection is limited, you’ll find, like other details of their service, it is refined to a T.

I preface this with a warning – you might be disappointed by the relatively smaller offering here and the fact that you would need to go up multiple times to fill up among the platters spread out on the main table. Unlike the spread provided by other tea services in Lima, there are no full sized cakes, meat carving stations, or any hot food for that matter.

However, this restraint, such an English trait, is where Hotel B excels. Nearly everything served was well seasoned and appeared to be freshly prepared rather than as part of a mass produced arrangement.

Choose from an array: in addition to the crustless sandwiches, there were vegetable wraps, quiches, fine crackers served with a robust hummus, and filled croissants the day I went. Trout stood in for smoked salmon in a mini sandwich with dill and cream cheese, a classic favorite that I went back to for seconds. Meanwhile, a vegetable wrap filled with spinach, cream cheese, nuts, and raisins was completely moreish. Trust me, that this combination worked surprises me just as much as you.

(Photo: Monique Loayza/Living in Peru)

Once you’ve satiated your savory cravings, move onto the petit fours, cookies, and mini pies. Actually, I would skip the pie (pies served at room temperature are almost always substandard in my eye), move aside the basic vanilla cookies, and let loose among the stellar petit fours, including a cheese cake, white chocolate truffles, brownie bites, and mini fruit tarts. While mini fruit tarts always seem destined to disappoint, this version, with its superb custard and a slice of ripe strawberry, was perfectly concocted as a morsel to be devoured in a single delectable bite.

(Photo: Monique Loayza/Living in Peru)

And of course, one cannot forget the tea.

I was very impressed with the quality – although not served loose, each tea bag was wrapped individually in carton boxes. When opened, inside were beautiful nylon sachets filled with the leaves. Choose amongst a variety of fruit and herbal flavors, along with classic Earl Grey.

And perhaps that’s the delight of Hotel B.

Take a moment to appreciate this delicate beverage, served in the beautiful porcelain ware, amongst the impressive surroundings. You don’t see large groups converging here, but a mix of hotel guests, business colleagues, foreigners, and locals – all craving a bit of intimacy and elegance. For a moment you just might forget you’re in a city of 10 million people.

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S/ 59 for Adults (S/ 35 kids); 4:30pm-6:30pm daily




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